RF Systems Engineering Associates, Inc.

Independent, Unbiased, Strategic System Design Services Since 1993

RF Systems Engineering Associates, Inc.

Support and Service to the community.

RF Systems, is an independent wireless communications consulting company.

Some of what RF Systems does

Our Core Focus
  • Public Safety Communications Systems Design
  • Private Sector Communications Systems Design
  • E 9-1-1 Telephone Systems Design
  • Mobile Data Systems Design
  • AVL Systems Design
  • System Implementation Management
  • Site Compatibility Studies
  • System Audits
  • FCC and FAA preparation and submission
  • HAAT calculations
  • Short Spacing Analysis
  • Propagation Studies
  • Microwave Point to Point
  • Request for RFP
  • Needs Assessment

About RF Systems

Our sole business is the evaluation, design and implementation management of reliable, cost-effective wireless voice and data communications systems for public safety, commercial, industrial, utility, and local government clients. RF Systems does not have any affiliation with vendors or service providers. Your needs and goals are our main focus, and we work solely in your best interest.

RF Systems goes beyond the technical issues to advance your communications project. We are sensitive to the needs of non-technical executive management and government administrators. Your project is advanced by a close working relationship with RF Sytems.

We partner with you to explore the various technical and operational solutions that are available to meet your needs, within your budget constraints. We work closely with you to navigate the technical, regulatory, and vendor procurement obstacles.